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Platinum Wealth Strategies - Altoona, PA


Platinum Wealth Strategies LLC

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“Platinum” in today’s standards is a symbol of prestige. Platinum’s rarity as a metal has caused society to associate it with exclusivity and wealth. High-net- worth clients don’t want to be sold. They appreciate stewardship over salesmanship.

Platinum Wealth Strategies, LLC was founded in 2009. Michael J. Eckenrode and George F. DelBaggio joined Platinum Wealth Strategies, LLC as managing partners. Mike and George shared the vision of being different from the industry mainstream and wanting their clients experience to be top notch and like nothing they have seen before.

Like the name of our company here at Platinum Wealth Strategies, we help our clients plan their investments wisely using our unique planning procedures. These procedures include detailed instructions on how to plan for the five following areas: 

  1. Investment Planning 
  2. Advanced Planning 
  3. Retirement Planning
  4. Alternative Planning
  5. Investment Banking

Platinum Wealth Strategies, LLC offers a wide range of financial tools to help our clients with whatever their goals may be, along with our dedicated financial advisors who are committed to getting to know our clients and their financial needs while giving their portfolio the care and personal attention it deserves.

While expanding our company we have added advanced knowledge in the Life, Health and voluntary benefits departments, and are always looking to expand our levels of expertise in all areas of finance.

As we continue to grow and expand we will strive to be as our name implies to be an elite financial firm in all aspects of our clients financial world.